Have you heard of the shadow?

The shadow with the needle and thread?

A dark shadow hiding in stale corners,

Waiting for your child to be put to bed.

It feeds off the words of the young,

Anger and lip and back-sass

It possesses no patience or empathy,

Its heart is ice cold and hollowed glass.

When your child howls and wails,

Just send him to bed,

Or tell him the story of the shadow,

The shadow with the needle and thread.

Have you heard of the shadow?

Or the young, back-sassing Tim?

Vulgar and smut, his mouth was sewn shut

Tim’s tale is one that is ghastly and grim.

Tim talked back to his mother,

Who locked him in bed,

Warning him he would be visited

By the shadow with the needle and thread.

The shadow crept up,

Timmy’s heart filled of dread,

Knowing his lips would be sewn

With the shadow’s needle and thread,

Frightened and trembling,

His lips were sewn up quite tight,

Unable to yell or scream,

All alone and blanketed in the darkness of night.

Till this day Timmy lays quietly in bed,

Unable to speak and presumably dead,

He has one warning for children, one thing he has said,

Mouthy children must fear the shadow’s needle and thread.

When your child talks back,

Tell them this story before bed,

And if they don’t quite believe you,

Pull out a needle and thread.